Allyson Malek, Artist

Artist Statement




The transformation of inert materials into a painting capable of evoking a response is the alchemy of the soul.


I paint with keen awareness of colors and how they are perceived in relationship to one another. My lifelong interaction with color, from the primary color wheel, litho’s CYMK, to online RGB has given me an appreciation for the nuances of full color spectrum mixing. I’ve experimented for days to achieve the perfect behavior between two color fields. Still, a change of light and perception shifts again.


My goal is discordant harmony; as a great party – snippets of conversations, passed hors d'oeuvres, music in the background. You can’t take it all in, but what you are experiencing at that moment is enchanting. Look at the painting again. Each time it's a new party with new music, new food, new guests. What else is revealed?


My abstract paintings are often palimpsests, paintings on top of paintings, faded memories seeping through to the present, obscured, almost forgotten substrates that make the present possible – a metaphor for life.


My landscapes are painted from a memory, an experience of a special quality of light, or time of day. What I imagine it to be.


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